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SF’s LGBTQQI pride!

Please join us Saturday for our usual schedule to share support of the community with your sangha and then take part in the festivities!  

If you’d like to march in the parade, SFZC’s Queer Dharma and other SFZC family is marching, and you can join them!Capture

Sunday June 26th.  Please join !

If you’d like to meet first, they will be meeting at SFZC, City Center (300 Page Street) and taking MUNI down to our designated contingent location.  The meeting time is below:
    7:30 am Pride Breakfast for participants at City Center
    8:30 am Leave from City Center and walk or Muni to contingent location
If you’d like to meet directly at the Parade, please find our location and position # below:
    Parade position: 37
    Block J: Spear Street between Market and Mission
    Vehicles need to be in place by 9:00am,
    Marchers in place by 10:00am
After the parade at SFZC, Jisan Tova Green and  Larry Yang, one of the Community Grand Marshal’s of this years parade. will be leading an hour of meditation in the SFZC Buddha Hall at 4:30pm and all are welcome! 
PS. If you would like to be a contingent monitor, please take the training online (only 10 minutes) at the link below and let us know that you have done that.  Once you watch it ( ,you will be asked to proceed to a survey site (https://survey.zohopublic. com/zs/MsituF), where you can register that you are trained.  You MUST do the survey — this is how we will track that SFZC has met the monitor training obligation.


SFZC Queer Dharma Team


Have a safe & joy filled pride

Please enjoy a safe and joy filled SF Pride festivities, keeping in mind and heart the advancements we have made and still the challenges we have today and in the future

sf pride 2016

And as always feel invited to join us to spend some of that pride time, quietly with the Hartford street ZC community whether you live nearby or are in town for the festivities.

Jun 18 – Half day sitting & Orlando memorial service.

Please join us this coming Full Moon12 Saturday for a quiet morning of Dharma practice with the Hartford Street community. There will be periods of both walking and sitting meditation beginning at 6:00 a.m., with a Dharma talk by the Abbot at 10:15 a.m. as usual.

Following the talk we’ll have a simple memorial service for those injured or killed in the massacre at Orlando, Florida. Practicing together in this way is one powerful fashion of responding to the currents of greed, hatred and confusion which are at the root of human-caused tragedies such as we have seen this week, as on so many other occasions.

NOTE: A simple breakfast will be served, but you’ll need to sign up in advance if you wish to have breakfast. You may leave us a message at 415-863-2507 to sign up, but also please leave a return phone number.

May all beings be happy, may they be joyous and live in safety…

27 February @10:15am Guest Speaker – Shokan, Jordan Thorn

Please come and join us this Saturday for a Dharma talk by Shokan Jordan Thorn.

Buddha-709119-300x225Jordan has been at SF Zen Center for 30 years. Ordained by Richard Baker in 1977, later received Dharma Transmission from Zoketsu Norman Fischer. He lives at SFZC’s City Center. He came to SF Zen center as a result of the beat poetry movement that was of interest to  several Zen students in it’s early years and he even played in a rock band  briefly with a famed beat poet that lead to his connect to Zen. He has lived at all three SFZC practice centers, has served in a variety of roles on senior staff and as an officer, and was shuso at Tassajara. Recently he served as City Center Tanto (Head of Practice) and became SF Zen Center’s Treasurer/CFO in September 2011 and he is the teacher of a few of the HSZC Sangha.

Every Saturday we offer early morning zazen (seated meditation), morning service, a brief drop-in meditation instruction at 8:30am. And again zazen at 9:25 am. We wrap up with a dharma talk at 10:15am for < 60minutes, followed by ceremony when applicable and then right to social time, tea and cookies.

Please join us!