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2017-06-03 Rev. Ryuei Michael McCormick

2017-04-01 Rev. Jisan Tova Green

NEW Saturday Sangha Check-In Time

Starting this coming Saturday and continuing for at least the next few weeks, we will gather as a sangha after tea-and-cookies time around 11:45 (or later if the dharma talk goes longer) to discuss how things are going with the temple and how people feel about the community and their place in it. This is sort of like a mini-council in which one person speaks at a time and we maintain a mindful and compassionate atmosphere so everyone feels comfortable speaking their mind.

The next few weeks will be a trial run to see if we want to make this a permanent fixture in the schedule, so please come and contribute if you can!

Opening for Practice Resident

The Hartford Street Zen Center currently has availability for one practice resident.  We are looking for individuals interested in and committed to experiencing residential practice at a small, urban temple.  Applicants should have prior experience with Soto Zen practice, and prior residential practice experience is not a requirement, but is preferred. While participation and assistance in the daily events of the sangha are expected of any potential practice resident, it is our expectation that most residents are employed outside of the center, and we are accommodating toward one’s professional schedule.

Sangha Council Meeting – 12 May, 3PM

Sangha Council Meeting

The Hartford Street Zen Center sangha is starting a Council group.  We’re forming it with the intention and hope of building a forum to talk of and discuss with each other – and with the sangha at large – issues, concerns, questions and conflicts which have been challanging – or downright hard – to talk about.  We’ll use a practice model of working with each other with the most skillful speech we can access.

Our first meeting will be on Saturday afternoon, May 12 at 3pm.  We’ll be meeting for 90 minutes.
We’re working towards building a format that will be flexible enough for a diversity of needs.  The group will be facilitated by Beata Chapman, a long time member and Board president of the Santa Cruz Zen Center.  She is knowledgable about many aspects of zen communities.  The scaffold we’ll be working from is based on the Council process developed by the Ojai Foundation.
You do not need to have an ‘issue’ or overt concern to attend.  Council is sangha building.  All are welcome!
If you have questions regarding this, call Peter Goetz at 510.595.1281.  If you’d like a copy of the Ojai Foundation guidelines for Council process, email Peter at

Sangha Hour – Wednesday, 23 November, 10:30am – 11:30am

Why meditate? Curious about Buddhism? Looking for a spiritual connection? Why not check out the Open House every Wednesday from 10:30-11:30am at Hartford Street Zen Center. Nice company, refreshments and a casual, informal setting.
Sangha Hour is ideal for questions, exploring Buddhism, connecting, reconnecting, or just an hour of time in a social setting for those who want to enrich their current Sangha life.
*This is a new program we’re trying out and so your thoughts, comments and participation are welcome and encouraged

Peter Coyote Speaks at GBS Meeting – Sunday, 6 Nov., 3PM

The Official Website of Peter Coyote

The accomplished actor, Emmy Award-winning narrator, writer, singer, songwriter, guitarist and recently ordained Soto Zen priest Peter Coyote will speak at the next weekly meeting of the Gay Buddhist Sangha at HSZC. Peter Coyote was ordained in the same lineage as our temple, that of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi and the San Francisco Zen Center, and we are honored to have him come and share the dharma with us. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Pride Parade 2011 Photos!

Pictures from Pride are now in HSZC’s Flickr group and can be viewed below:

Or click here.

More pictures from Pride can be seen in SFZC’s photo album.