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Study Hour continues its’ break until Thurs Jan 8th!

Please rejoin us for Study hour then! Thursday January 8th @ 7:30pm

buddhismAnd we hope to see you at Zazen and Saturday Dharma talks in the meantime!


HSZC closed until Dec 9th @ 6am

Great Study Period, great Winter Light Retreat, great Shuso and many other ceremonies!



Winter Light Retreat 2014 – Dec 3rd – 7th



HSZC – Closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday Thurs, Nov. 27


Upcoming schedule changes

We will be closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday Nov 27th, and we will next meet for Study Hour kwan_yinon Dec 11th due to Thanksgiving followed by Winter Light Retreat.

Please join us for the Winter Light retreat (click here for more details on schedule) and rejoin us for Study Hour on December 11th.

For more details on pricing for the retreat and contact information to sign up, please see our most recent Newsletter on our twitter page (here)!

We hope to see you soon and often!



Study Period start & Sejiki! October 25th

Bring a lunch!
The Study Period begins with a One Day Sitting on Saturday 25 October at 6:00am.
There will be two periods of zazen 6:00am and 6:50am,
10 minutes of Kinhin
then chanting service,
formal breakfast,
followed by 9:25am zazen,
10:15am Dharma talks and then the Sejiki Ceremony. 
We will then move to a silent, brown bag lunch,
an afternoon sitting (zazen),
finishing with chanting mid-afternoon.
After all of the above we will move to this schedule (click here)
We hope that you will join us for any or as much of this Study period schedule as you can and if you wish to formally sign up (so we plan your attendance) for meals and Teas for the study period, see the instruction here. This schedule will end around 2pm.

Schedule for Monday Mornings…


babySloth1 Though ye are not many, ye who join us for morning sitting during the week, those of you who do, please note: We’ve selected the last Monday morning of each month as a time to be closed, with regular sitting resuming at 6 p.m. that evening. Initially, we had tried having this the case for months with no national holiday, but having the same arrangement for each month turns out to be less confusing for people. Thank you always for your ongoing support of our temple and its community.


Study Hour CANCELED Tonight

Study hour is canceled for tonight and unavailable next week (Myo out of town).  Please join us October 9th to resume from our lengthy break  :~(


1 September — HSZC closed — Labor Day

thPlease have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day Holiday, honoring the American labor movement. This day is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of their country.

We will see you back for morning zazen and regular schedule Tuesday, September 2nd!


25 august: no morning zazen

No morning Zazen or morning Chanting next Monday, but we will still have evening Zazen on August 25th at 6pm, just again, no morning schedule.

thPlease also be aware that HSZC will be closed for the Labor Day holiday on September 1st! All day.