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March 31 – April 1: HSZC and Zendo will be closed

bunnysleepIn observance of the widely celebrated Easter holiday.

Enjoy the colored eggs, baby animals & spring celebrations and your bunny sleep!

We will see you bright and early for zazen again starting the morning of April 2nd. 

Be well and we will see you soon!


Clothing Drive a Success!

siphaiOur one month-long clothing drive for the benefit of St. Anthony Foundation’s Free Clothing Program was a hit! We began our drive on the National Day of Service in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and concluded it on Saturday, February 23. A clothing barrel was provided by St. Anthony’s for us to use in the zendo, but over the course of the drive dedicated Sangha members accumulated and dropped off so many bags of clothing they were piled upstairs in the dining room. All in all we had the equivalent of almost 30 bags of clothes and other items including some children’s toys. At the end of the clothing drive Siphai from St. Anthony’s picked up the clothing from us. Siphai also happens to practice at a Cambodian Buddhist Temple in the Sunset District.

Our thanks to all the Sangha members who helped by participating in planning the drive, publishing notices online, and who donated their clothing to this well-known charitable program. Our appreciation extends to St. Anthony Foundation for providing us an opportunity to participate in this, allowing us to practice our Bodhisattva Vow by helping others.


Presidents’ Day Holiday: Zendo CLOSED

Mount Rushmore We’ll observe the national holiday on Monday, 18 February, by closing the zendo (meditation hall) on that day. The regular schedule will resume at 6 a.m. on Tuesday the 19th.


Dharma talk by Rev Myo “Older…” & Lunar New Year; Sat. Feb 9th

DbrnOur Practice Leader Rev. Myo Lahey will give a talk this Saturday: “Older…” Feb 9, 2013 @ 10:15 am after the morning Zazen periods. Please join us!

After our usual Saturday program will be a Lunar new year event & treats, Joss burning to our loved ones and friends who have passed beyond and to set into motion our next Daruma Goals and say goodbye to our old fulfilled goals!

We hope to see you!


Veterans’ Day Holiday: No A.M. Zazen



We’ll continue our custom of observing the national holidays by closing the zendo (meditation hall) on Monday morning, 12 November. Our regular schedule of zazen (seated meditation) will resume Monday evening at 6 p.m.


Guest Speaker, Sat. 27 Oct.: Rev. Cynthia Kear

Please join us this Saturday morning for a Dharma talk by Rev. Cynthia Kear. Cynthia  received Jukai from SFZC Abbot Paul Haller in 2004. In 2008 she was given Shukke Tokudo (priest ordination) by Darlene Cohen, her heart and root teacher, and was shuso (head student) in 2009.  In December, 2010 Darlene gave her Dharma Transmission. In 2009 Cynthia graduated from the Shokagu Zen Institute, a three year Zen seminary training program.  She is the founding member of the Wild Geese Sangha, a group that has met for over 8 years.  She leads the Upstairs Sangha, a study group (both of which meet at her home zendo), and co-leads the Women’s Meditation & Recovery Sangha which meets monthly at HSZC. Zazen (seated meditation) is at 9:25 as usual, with the talk at 10:15, and refreshments afterwards. Everyone is welcome.


Guest Speaker, Sat. 15 Sept.: Rev. David Zimmerman

Please join us this Saturday for a Dharma talk by Kansan David Zimmerman. David has been practicing Zen for 20 years, over half of which have been in residence at San Francisco Zen Center.  He was ordained in the lineage of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi by Rev. Teah Strozer in 2006, and spent eight years at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, where he held a number of positions including monastery director and Head Monk (Shuso).  David is now Program Director at City Center/SFZC and also serves on the SFZC Diversity and Multiculturalism Committee, is a co-facilitator of Queer Dharma, and supports Dr. Lee Lipp with classes and workshops on “Transforming Depression and Anxiety”. Zazen (seated meditation) is at 9:25 a.m., the talk to follow at 10:15, and, as (almost) always, top-drawer tea and cookies afterwards. Everyone is welcome.


Guest Speaker, Sat. 25 August: Rev. Tova Green

Please come and join us this Saturday for a Dharma talk by Tova Green. Priest-ordained by Green Gulch Farm Abbess Jiko Linda-Ruth Cutts, Tova presently lives at Beginner’s Mind Temple at 300 Page St. and is a former director of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship. Zazen will precede as always at 9:25, then the talk at 10:15, and the ever-popular tea and cookies will follow. All are  welcome.


Guest Speaker, Sat. 14 Jul.: Rev. Peter van der Sterre

Late-breaking news: Tomorrow’s Dharma talk (10:15 a.m.) will be given by long-time practitioner and priest Peter van der Sterre. Peter knew our founder, Rev. Issan Dorsey, and has been practicing since the 1970’s. He also has received Dharma transmission from former San Francisco Zen Center Abbot Norman Fischer. Please join us for zazen (seated meditation) at 9:25 before the talk, and stay for tea-and-cookies afterwards. All are welcome.



Early Sitting and Full-Moon Ceremony, Sat. 2 June

We’ll start sitting earlier than usual this coming Saturday. There will be two periods of zazen (seated meditation) beginning at 6:00 a.m., with a period of kinhin (walking meditation) in between at 6:40 a.m., and morning chanting following at 7:20. You may think, “Oh, that’s too early for me”, but you should give it a try, and you can always nap later. Also, we’ll serve a simple breakfast to participants, but you MUST sign up ahead-of-time, either via email at, or by phone at (415) 863-2507.The rest of the Saturday schedule will be according to custom, with another period of sitting at 9:25 and the Dharma talk at 10:15 a.m., followed by the monthly ceremony of celebration of the Bodhisattva Vows. Afterwards, there will be fistfuls of cookies for your enjoyment! Everyone is welcome…