External Links


  • Berkeley Zen Center
    Another Zen center in the Suzuki-roshi lineage. We frequently host speakers from BZC.
  • Faithful Fools Street Zendo
    A community organization engaged in education and activism on issues of poverty and homelessness, which also hosts several weekly meditation sessions.
  • Gay Buddhist Fellowship
    A non-sectarian Gay men’s Buddhist community which meets weekly.
  • Maitri
    Residential care for people living with AIDS. Founded in 1987 by Issan Dorsey and originally located at Hartford Street Zen Center.
  • Queer Dharma Group
    An open monthly meeting of LGBTQQI sangha members at San Francisco Zen Center.
  • Russian River Zendo
    A Guerneville  Zen practice community in the Suzuki-roshi lineage.
  • San Francisco Zen Center
    Founded by Suzuki-roshi, it is the largest Sōtō Zen organization outside of Asia.
  • Theravada – Aloka Vihara A community of Theravada Buddhist nuns living near Placerville, CA; founding their vision of establishing a rural Nor Cal monastery where women can live and train as nuns and where the lay community can practice.
  • Valley Streams Zen Sangha
    A Sacramento  Zen practice community in the Suzuki-roshi lineage.  Rev Myo is Guiding Teacher for this community.


  • BuddhaNet
    An excellent resource for information on all forms of Buddhism.
  • Official Sōtō Zen Global Website
    The Japanese website (available in multiple languages) for all 14,000 Sōtō Zen temples in Japan and hundreds more Zen centers and temples around the world.
  • Sōtō Zen Buddhist Association
    An organization whose purpose is to “preserve and promote the Buddha-dharma through the teaching and practice of Soto Zen Buddhism in North America, and to facilitate trust, respect, communication, ethical conduct, and education among the many sanghas of Soto Zen lineages and in the wider community.”
  • Sweeping Zen
    An archive of teachings, interviews, biographies, videos, blogs and podcasts from leading voices in Western Zen dharma.