Volunteer & Temple Wish List

Volunteer Opportunities coming up:

We often have special events needing support, fund raising efforts, we can always use help in the garden, our building is over 100 years old and so there are always maintenance and repair projects and we keep a running list of future projects and tasks or projects presented at and updated for every board of director meeting and would be happy to provide information on opportunities to help. We greatly appreciate help from anyone with skills in building maintenance and construction, but have many tasks requiring a wide variety of skills. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us!
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* Ceiling and wall patch work: Zendo and here and there second and third floor
* PAINTING: Zendo, and living room and common upper floor areas
* Carpet clean main and second floors or replace carpet would be ideal
* Insulation installation (once we get some to install)
* kitchen and porch cabinets and shelves install
* cement patch work stairs and front yard enclosure
* tile (vinyl or other) floor on back covered porch
* Refinish Dining Room table
* Zabuton and Zafu cleaning and repairs
Garden -
* Building HIV memorial corner area
*Water sealant on wood of back deck
* Finishing a brick path
* Creating new level ceremony or dining area at base of stairs.
* Stain deck and small fence around memorial marker
* Ongoing Weeding & trimming


* Publicity work
* Donated printed fliers
*Fundraising efforts and expertise!
Electrical Work-
* new outlet installation (main floor)
* various upgrades
* Safety light install
* Lavalier Microphone and wireless Speaker system that hooks up to our recording device.

Donation Wish List for HSZC (objects we could use)

We operate and continue to operate through the generous money donations you provide (dana), but also have needs of physical objects and work effort to keep our space in good shape, clean and inviting to practitioners and those wishing to drop by and explore. 
Currently we could use:
Newer Microwave:  Current one works, but is in its last stages of life.
Sewing work, black upholstery thread: Zafus and Zabutons are getting a little exhausted at the seams and could use some stuffing, black thread and skilled sewing efforts.
Insulation (we need to fill the place with it! We have hollow walls and underside exposed floor in the zendo)
Library: specific books (please advise and inquire if you’d like to donate a book)
Kitchen / Back Porch cabinets
Concrete for patch work
Small storage shed for porch or garden area
Tile for back porch, vinyl or other and materials to install

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