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May 26 – 29 week and the Memorial Day holiday

Best Travel And Vacation In China - Giant Buddha - Statue RenovationWe will be closed for the holiday (Mem0rial day) Monday, May 25th and;

The week of May 26-29 we will only be offering the evening public schedule.  We will be open for our schedule’s evening Zazen and Chanting Service these days. We will be back to regular schedule as of May 30th.

Thank you and please have a safe holiday and we will see you soon!

Dec 23 – Dec 26, 2012: Zendo Closure


Please rejoin us for our regular schedule as of Dec 27th and have a safe and equanimous few days or if you celebrate… Holiday!

HSZC will house a pot luck dinner on December 25th for those who are around. Please see our facebook page post on Dec 16th for details!

July 4th Weekend – Zendo CLOSED

We’ll be taking a brief vacation the weekend of the July 4th holiday. The zendo (meditation hall) will be closed on Saturday, 2 July, and also on Monday the 4th itself. Our regularly-scheduled activities will resume with 6 a.m. zazen (seated meditation) on Tuesday, 5 July. Have a good and safe holiday, everyone!