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Advice for Enriching Practice (Rev. Tova Green)

Rev. Tova Green provides helpful advice for how to bring Zen practice into every aspect of our lives, and puts into perspective the relative truth of our experience in relation to the universal and eternal.

The Six Dharma Gates (Rev. Michael McCormick)

Nichiren priest Rev. Michael McCormick discusses the six dharma gates as described by Zhiyi, the Chinese founder of Tiantai (jp: Tendai) Buddhism, and explains how they relate to Zen practice.

iTunes Podcasts of Dharma Talks

We are now podcasting all of our dharma talks and guest speakers for streaming on this website or downloading from iTunes! So be sure to check out the “Podcasts” category to find all of them!

Now, if you tell a friend about a great talk you heard at Hartford Street, you can just direct them to the website and they can hear it, too! No matter where you are in the world, you can stay connected to Issan-ji and listen to these podcasts standing or walking (or jogging!), sitting or lying down, during all one’s waking hours…

Just to Be Yourself is Enough (Bernd Bender)

Bernd Bender discusses the social practice of Zen, just being yourself, and his experiences studying under Judith Butler and translating Street Zen into German.

Guest Speaker: Bernd Bender – Saturday, July 16th

Great Master Bodhidharma

Saturday the 16th, our guest speaker will be Bernd Bender from the San Francisco Zen Center. Bernd has been a student of Soto Zen since 1984. After moving to San Francisco from Germany, he began his studies at the Zen Center, receiving lay ordination from Tenshin Reb Anderson in 1996. He has lived at all three practice centers, and has translated several Buddhist texts from English to German. Bernd was Shuso (head student) during the City Center Spring Practice Period in 2009. He is inspired by how the simplicity of practice meets the infinite complexity of life. Bernd received Lay Dharma Entrustment from Dairyu Michael Wenger in 2010.

Guest Speaker, Saturday 25 June: Laurie Senauke

Come and join us this Saturday, June 25, for a Dharma talk by Laurie Senauke, a long-time practitioner from the Berkeley Zen Center. A warm and engaging speaker, Laurie has received Lay Entrustment from Abbot Sojun Mel Weitsman, in addition to being a wife and mother. We’ll have zazen at 9:25, with the talk following at 10:15, and then a vegetarian potluck celebrating Pride weekend afterwards. Please bring something healthy and preferably vegan to share with everyone.