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iTunes Podcasts of Dharma Talks

We are now podcasting all of our dharma talks and guest speakers for streaming on this website or downloading from iTunes! So be sure to check out the “Podcasts” category to find all of them!

Now, if you tell a friend about a great talk you heard at Hartford Street, you can just direct them to the website and they can hear it, too! No matter where you are in the world, you can stay connected to Issan-ji and listen to these podcasts standing or walking (or jogging!), sitting or lying down, during all one’s waking hours…

New HSZC Flickr Group is Online!

Now, everyone can share their pictures and videos of the temple, events, ceremonies, and gatherings with everyone else in the sangha! All you have to do is add your pictures to the group, and they will show up for everyone to see, including as part of the slideshow on the hszc.org website.

Be sure to tag the photos with accurate information so they can be searched and sorted (ALL group photos should be tagged “hszc” and “hartford street zen center”). For example, pictures of a celebration of Buddha’s Enlightenment at Issan-ji should be tagged “buddha’s enlightenment”, “event”, and “issanji”, in addition to the basic tags “hszc” and “hartford street zen center”. You can add these tags to many photos at the same time with the “batch edit” tool.

Just click on the link below the slideshow pictures on the left sidebar, and add away! If you don’t have a Flickr account, you can get one for free with 300Mb per month.