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Winter Light Retreat Dec 7 – 11


Winter Light Retreat Dec 2 – 6, 2015


Winter Light Retreat 2014 – Dec 3rd – 7th


Oct 25 through Dec 7th 2014 – Fall Study Period!

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Periods of focused practice are an ancient and vital part of Buddhist, and especially Zen, tradition. During the Study Period and Winterlight Retreat we will have an opportunity to focus on meditation and inner reflection, deepening our practice of the Buddha Way together.

Modeled on the traditional 90 Day Ango (Practice Period) the Study Period will include opportunities for private interviews with  Rev. Myo (dokusan), lectures and special ceremonies, as well as semi-formal meals (oryoki style), teas, and additional periods of meditation.

If interested please begin a dialogue with us by emailing hszc108@yahoo.com to discuss what days and times you can commit to, and we very much look forward to this practice opportunity with you!